Message from the Vice-President of RUC
Any of the below courses can be integrated into a RBS custom executive education program
EE is a functional division at RBS specializing in executive training and development. Leveraging high quality faculty resources, EE designs tailor-made programs with integration of the advanced western management philosophy and the Chinese management practice and aims to provide students with complementary and forward-looking knowledge, improve managers’ qualifications and educate management elites for the society. The EE adheres to its mission—to become the most trustworthy senior executive education provider, and, in line with the pragmatic development strategy of RBS, better promote RBS as a leader in shaping Chinese management practice.
EE is sub-divided into Non-Degree Executive Management Program Office and Part-Time Master Pogram Office. Non-Degree Executive Management Program Office offers open classes and in-house training programs. Based on the research of the professors and research centers, the open classes provide medium and senior-level managers with up-to-date management philosophy and case study methods. They are mainly designed for CEOs of rapidly growing enterprises in China, senior executives and chief human resources officers, and also include special programs on marketing, financial management, etc. In-house training programs, on the other hand, are tailor-made for enterprises based on their actual needs and delivered by renowned professors. Part-Time Master Pogram Office offers master programs of two majors---business administration and accounting. The former covers such research fields as business management, marketing management, project management, human resources, finance and real estate operation and management.
Message from the Dean of RBS
As an integral part and a functional division at RBS, Executive education specializes in executive training and development, and helps to shape the 21st Century leadership agenda by working with individuals and organizations to create and meet new opportunities in the present, and for the future. Executive education program in RBS was set up in 1950. During 2012--2013, the income of executive education program has reached $15,000,000. At present there are more than 5,000 students, and more than 100 faculties in executive education program. Executive Education at RBS has served as a critical resource for businesses around the world, conveying the relevant concepts and specific business skills needed to formulate sustainable growth. We offer a global perspective, a high level of customer focus based on a team of practice-based faculty of RBS dedicated to excellence in executive education. Through our programs, individuals and organizations can step ahead of the curve and navigate the future rather than being caught up in its currents and can set the stage for sustainable growth.